The Magician wants Normality



One day, Kosaka Mitsuki was abruptly sent on a trip to a different world. She was an otaku, so she adapted really fast. Then she decided to live her life as a magician.

She made a living by making full use of the benefits of the automatically translated knowledge and language of her original world. But realities was harsh.

She was keenly aware that she was handling beautiful guys from this different world who could easily conquer a maiden hearts and dreams.

[I will absolutely not raise the love flag, never….! ! ] The protected genius of the country(= outstanding)+ the strangely beautiful >> fierce negative elements and also were called the supreme in this country.

This is the story of a girl who was sent to another world without any role. The story of the woman who fully used her knowledge of the past to remove the obstacles from her life.


Vol. 1 : The Beginning Of It All

Ch.0 Memory Of The Beginning And The Current State Of Mind

Ch.1 Protection

Ch.2 I’ll Become a Magician

Ch.3 Thinking About Magic

Ch.4 The Encounter ・ The Fight ・ Premonition Of A Flag

Ch.5 Preaching and Punishment are Needed

Ch.6 Here Come The White Knight

Ch.7 Let’s Go To The Castle To Meet The Owner

Ch.8 Let’s Cook

Ch.9 The Demon Prince who has the Appearance of an Angel


Extra Episode 1 (Perspective of the Doctor)

Extra Episode 2 (Perspective of the Village Daughter)


Vol. 2 : Zeburesuto

Ch. 1 The Black Knight’s is a Dexterous Person

Ch. 2 Let’s get Ready

Ch. 3 A King is a Man of the World

Ch. 4 I Seemed to Have Obtained a Best Friend

Ch. 5 Meeting with the Accomplices

Ch. 6 Female war?

Ch. 7 After the Incident Extra

Ch. 8 The Steady Activity is Also Important (by Personal Reason)